Frequently Asked Questions working with CityTourist.
Can anyone list their business on CityTourist?
Yes. To be listed on CityTourist, must currently, must fall into one of the four categories of offerings: Events, Rentals, Tours, and or Services.
How do I list my business on CityTourist?
You will first need to set up an account. Currently, we are only doing this over the phone 1-888-987-6322 (9-5 PST). Once the account is set up, you can select which area you wish to list your products or services in: Events, Rentals, Tours or Services.
Is there a fee to list my events, products or services on CityTourist?
Yes, but only when you publish. Depending on the channel that you select, say Rentals, for a standard charge per month, you will allowed to list a certain number of items that your business rents on an hourly, or daily, monthly or even yearly agreement. You only pay for the months that you list these items. Depending on the account, you would get a certain number of items that you can list at a specific flat rate fee per month.
What is HofOp?
HofOp is short for Hours of Operation and is free for any business to use and list their hours/location/contact information and services. You will need to create an account through CityTourist, but there you will be able to configure and set up your business hours. CityTourist used HofOp as its business information services. See
Can I list my business with HofOp?
Yes. To do this you need to set up an account through CityTourist and using our management console, set the hours, location (address) and contact information. You can also provide a brief description of your business and a URL on where your customers can find you.
Is there a charge for listing my business with HofOp?
No. Listing your business with HofOp is free and encouraged so that CityTourist users can find your business without the clutter of similar businesses to confuse their search.