CityTourist is for the business traveling 'accidental' tourist with very little time. We provide ideas for places to go, to eat and to see during the one to three hours length of precious time travelers have between meetings, work and sleep.

From events, to tours, rentals and services, CityTourist wants to be your one stop location for all your traveling needs and help let you enjoy your travel destination.

CityTourist offers the following:


Helping travelers find local fun events to go to while visiting. From local pub and concert music to the farmer's market, CityTourist provides ideas and choices that are posted by the artists and event planners themselves.


CityTourist helps travelers find local city tours and tour businesses show off their city by providing the best places to see and visit.


From local catering companies to executive assistants to event planners, CityTourist can help you find the right services oriented business to help with your traveling needs.


Sometimes when you travel, you forget something and need it for that presentation. Or you find that you have some downtime and want to try out your surfing skills on some local waves. CityTourist can help you find the right local rental company.

CityTourist Local city insights for the savvy business traveler